Targeted Cost Effective Pay Per Click Search Ads

Sam-Ads allows you to market your product / business / service to an active searching right now and only pay when they visit your website.

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Creating targeted Pay Per Click ads using Sam-Ads is incredibly easy. Create your first ad right now and start driving quality users to your website within minutes.

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SamSearch is an internet search engine that protects your privacy and operates to better the environment, animal welfare and end human suffering.


A simplified way of advertising your business online.

Sam-Ads offers targeted cost effective online marketing for your business.

Easy To Understand & Manage

We've developed Sam-Ads PPC marketing to be easy to setup, straight forward to understand and a breeze to manage. From creating your first campaign, to campaign optimisation with Sam-Ads you're in control.


Do you need more customers & users?

With Sam-Ads you can advertising your business to customers looking for your product or service right now!

The best part is that you only pay a minimal amount when the prospective customer clicks on your ad and visits your website. If the customer does not click (engage with your ad), you pay absolutely nothing.


Advertising To Grow Your Business

With Sam-Ads you are in control of your campaign. How much you spend per day / month. How many ads you run, and for what search terms. We give you the tools to create campaigns to drive return on investment.

  • You decide your budget.
  • You decide how much you want to pay per click.
  • You decide which locations.
  • You decide the search terms you want to be seen for.
  • Easy to setup and manage.
  • and much moreā€¦